Convenient location of Lloyds Pharmacy in Knightswood, Glasgow, and notable individuals in history

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Lloyds Pharmacy is a Convenient Location in Knightswood, Glasgow

Lloyds Pharmacy is located in a convenient location in Knightswood, Glasgow. It is within a short walk of Boreland Drive, Dykebar Avenue, Polnoon Avenue, and Killoch Drive. It is also easily accessible by public transportation.

Socrates Maupin was a physician, chemist, and teacher who received three degrees from UVA. He served as chairman of the faculty during the Civil War and guided the University through the conflict.

Socrates Maupin

Maupin, a native of Albemarle County, was born in 1808 and died in a carriage accident in Lynchburg in 1871. He was a student at the University of Virginia in 1828, and later earned an M.A. He became a professor of chemistry at Hampden-Sydney College and later head of the Richmond Academy. He returned to UVA in 1853 as a professor of chemistry and materia medica, and became chairman of the faculty in 1868. He guided the University through the difficult years of war and reconstruction.

The family was active in the Methodist Church, with a Daniel Maupin one of the original trustees of Austin’s (or Bingham’s) Meeting House near Whitehall. Another, John Goodman, served as pastor of the local congregation. Another, Chapman Maupin, donated the grounds for the Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Francis Perry Dunnington

Francis Dunnington was a prominent scientist who earned three degrees at UVA. He was an expert in analytical chemistry and contributed to the advancement of science. He was also active in religious life and the YMCA. He was a founding member of the American Chemical Society and an occasional contributor to tlie “American Chemical Journal.”

His ancestors were immigrants from England. He was a patriot in the Revolutionary War and signed the Oath of Faith and Fidelity to Maryland in 1777. He was the son of George Henry Dunnington and Elizabeth Agnes Key.

He married Margaret M Creamer and had 2 children. Margaret passed away in death place. She was buried in Dumfries Public Cemetery. Margaret had 6 siblings: Mary Dunnington, Rosina M Purcell and 4 others.

John Patten Emmet

The nephew of Irish nationalist Robert Emmet, John Patten Emmet came to the United States with his family in 1805 and attended West Point. He studied medicine and became a physician in Charleston, South Carolina. After a series of lectures on chemistry caught the attention of the founders of the University of Virginia, he was appointed to its original faculty.

During his time at UVA Emmet had several brushes with the law. He was involved in an assault on a colleague and, after being arrested for this crime, spent time as a state prisoner.

In his later years he travelled to Ireland and, on one occasion, visited the home of his uncle Thomas Addis Emmet (qv) where he met with young Robert to discuss politics.

Charles Hancock

Charles Hancock is a Solicitor at Forsters, specialising in the law of trusts and estates. He advises on both non-contentious and contentious matters, assisting with the resolution of disputes involving trusts and estates in a domestic and international context.

He is also a regular contributor to our blog, where he discusses recent developments in the law of trusts and estates. You can read his latest post here:

From the early 1820s, Hancock started exhibiting works at the Royal Academy and Suffolk Street. He was a prolific painter, showing no less than 23 paintings in exhibitions between 1819 and 1847. He was particularly adept at painting racehorses, which were a subject matter that he focused on throughout his career.

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